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We are a guitar driven new Manchester Indie band called FIBRES and we're releasing our killer debut album, ‘Shared Hallucinations’ from which our debut single 'Beautiful Lie' is taken.


Influenced by the 80s and 90s alternative scene, Shared Hallucinations are Indie guitar riffs wrapped around deep melodic vocals inspired by 2 weeks in a coma and years in the local shooting the breeze about the human condition.


FIBRES is Chris Potter vocals and Dan Barnes guitars: friends who met while working at a Manchester Architectural practice. Formed pre-lockdown, tracks were composed on iPad's and shared on dropbox. Early on we found our collaborator producer Darryll McFadyen.


Dan spent 2 weeks in a coma during lockdown: ‘I felt like I’d been away for 3 months of the most surreal experiences when I was suffering ICU delirium’. Shared Hallucinations shaped itself around this unreal experience and Chris’s vocal appetite for questioning the human experience mixed with a dose of humour. Infused with melodic Indie guitars a distinct sound emerged: recorded at Rockfield and mixed at Darryll’s studio in Fife, Shared Hallucinations is the band’s killer debut album out on 30th November


Beautiful Lie...‘…great song’ 

- Donald D Hoffman, cognitive psychologist and author of ’The Case Against Reality



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